5 marketing tips guaranteed to get you acting work

5 marketing tips guaranteed to get you acting work

If you’re an actor or aspiring actor then I think we can both agree that without marketing it’s gonna be a loooong and slow process to landing acting work. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and it’s no different for actors, that’s why I’ve put together 5 marketing tips guaranteed to get you acting work. 

Now I know there are many actors who find marketing icky and I know there are other actors who believe that if it’s meant to be it will happen, but let me tell you that in today’s online world there’s never been a better opportunity to get out there and show the industry you exist, because if not it’s like you’re invisible. You see, if you’re going to put time, effort and money into your acting training why not learn how to market yourself so you can actually climb the acting ladder quicker than doing nothing and stay top of mind to the people in the industry who matter to you?

5 marketing tips guaranteed to get you acting work



You have limited time and money therefore targeting every casting director, director, producer and agent in the industry is going to wear you down and be ineffective, not to mention take FOREVER. 

In the world of marketing that’s known as spray and pray – you target everyone and hope something will stick. To avoid this answer these questions

  • What productions would you love to work on?
  • Who is casting these productions?
  • Which agents work with these casting directors?
  • Which directors work on these productions?

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll be super clear on who you’re targeting. 



One type of marketing is known as content creation, it’s what I do to help you. I create blogs and videos and share things that I think will help you move forward with your aspirations. 

  • What could you create that will pique the interest of who you’re targeting?
  • How can you create content to show them you’re right for their productions?

HINT: you’re not begging for work, you’re simply creating exciting content that’s relevant to the people you’re targeting and showing you can make their life easier.



When I’m marketing to actors I know they hang out on Insta, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and therefore I place a large majority of my marketing efforts there. Gone are the days when I’d find random chippys or sandwich shops to plonk a load of flyers – I can’t guarantee that actors hangout there or will see my flyers.

  • Where do the people you’re targeting hang out?

Once you’ve figured this out, you’ll focus the large majority of your marketing efforts in these places; it’s much more effective.



Your hitlist is the people you’re targeting. Now alongside content marketing which we spoke about in #2, there’s also something called relationship marketing where you start to build a relationship with those on your hitlist. 

  • How could you engage with your hitlist and utilise relationship marketing?


5 – BE CONSISTENT – it takes between 3 and 6 months for marketing to pay off IF you’re consistently marketing and spending 20 hours per week on it – this includes creating your content, engaging with people and posting your content.

Now I know you’ve got other commitments such as a job or your children/family so I understand that spending 20 hours per week on marketing could be seen as a bit of a challenge, but I have to be honest with you and let you know that there are no quick wins with marketing, so if you’re looking for a quick fix unfortunately there are none. Put simply you have to commit to it.

Time management is crucial when juggling a day job or any other commitment outside of acting. Using a weekly/daily planner or diary could be an effective way of organising your time. If you want my FREE daily planner you can grab it HERE


**REMEMBER**: doing a little bit one week and nothing for the next few weeks will take much, much longer to pay off. 

**ALSO REMEMBER**: Marketing is what all businesses do to stay top of mind with their customers and potential customers, it’s no different for actors.


Which step are you going to start off with first? Or is there anything else you’d like to add that could help other actors? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

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Don’t give up, keep learning to start earning!
















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