4 Proven Ways To Get On the Radar Of Casting Directors


Many actors are so unbelievably talented and creative, but they forget that the phone won’t ring by itself, roles and auditions won’t come flooding in if you don’t make yourself visible or available for them. In the podcast I share with you 4 proven ways to get on the radar of casting directors. These are key tools that have helped our acting students land TV roles, and they could do the same for you. 


If you struggle with marketing yourself as an actor, find it scary getting visible – even though you know you need to do it, or feel a bit ick about it I highly recommend listening to this week’s podcast. It will help you break the blocks that are holding you back. 


There are lots of tips and tricks for you to help you raise your acting profile, confidently. 


LISTEN NOW! And discover 4 proven ways to get on the radar of casting directors!


Your acting goals are relying on you to do this work!


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